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Special Needs Dentistry in Levittown

Quality Dental Care for Children with Special Needs

Parents of special needs children know the challenges of finding skilled pediatric dental care to meet the unique needs of their kids. At Little Smiles of Levittown, Dr. Lee and our staff are trained and experienced in caring for children with special needs. We offer special needs dentistry in Levittown to create a positive experience for your child while caring for his or her dental needs.

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Meeting the Dental Needs of All Children

It can be challenging for parents to meet the medical, daily, and dental needs of their children with special needs. However, dental care is very important for special needs children, as many have unmet dental health needs. We understand that it can be particularly challenging to find quality dental health professionals experienced in this specific field of dentistry.

We use a range of techniques to meet the needs of all children, including:

  • Pain management
  • Positive interactions
  • Protective stabilization
  • Behavior management techniques

Special needs children may have a range of developmental, physical, behavioral, and emotional concerns. We offer dental treatment for children with cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, Down syndrome, vision impairment, and hearing impairment, as well as other conditions, learning, and developmental disabilities.

A Personalized Dental Plan for Your Child

Special needs children often have specific dental health concerns. For example, a child with Down syndrome may have delayed tooth eruption, crowding, extra teeth, missing teeth, and alignment problems. Children with impaired immune systems may be more prone to tooth decay. Children with certain behavioral disabilities may grind their teeth. We create a personalized dental plan for special needs dentistry in Levittown for every child to ensure that his or her specific needs are met.

Call (516) 217-8910 to learn how we can deliver the care your child requires. We also serve patients across Nassau County and the surrounding areas.

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